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How to Choose a Church

The church has become an important part of the modern Christian life and everybody wants to belong to one. For those that are not well established Christians, the church is nothing more than a building where Christians come together to praise and worship the Lord. For other Christians however, the church is a group of followers of Christ also referred to as a congregation in some cases. From the New testament of the Bible, it is easy to understand why Christians hold the church in very high regard and this explains why every single Christian wants to belong to one. However, finding the right church can be quite challenging since you want to make sure that you go to attach where you truly belong in terms of beliefs and practices. If you have a family, the church you go to is going to play a big role in the upbringing of your children and you want to make sure that you go towards us that teaches the ways of Christ. It is because of the various challenges most people have experienced when choosing a church that we have come up with this guide to help you find the best impossible without breaking a sweat.

Before you choose a church, you need to take some time to understand the different branches of Christianity. Christianity is traditionally divided into three branches including the Roman Catholicism, Eastern orthodoxy, and Protestant Christianity. Every branch of Christianity comes with different traditions although they all believe in Jesus Christ and the scripture. The main difference between the different groups of Christianity is their ideology in relation to the religious authority of the Catholic church or the Pope. While Protestants focus more on the Bible for guidance in their faith and not a centralized church, Eastern orthodoxy basis their teachings on deuterocanonical writings and believes that the Pope and Bishop have the same level of authority. Roman Catholics on the other hand believe in transubstantiation and purgatory and view the Pope as a Holy authority.

Once you understand the different groups of Christianity, take some time to gather more information about the different denominations. There exist different denominations in Christianity while there are also some churches that do not belong to any denomination and accept people from all denominations of Christianity. You can find all the information you need about the different denominations from a library or the same online resources. When you understand the different denominations, you get better insight into their practices and differences which may be key in pointing you towards the right direction in terms of their kind of church you need to attend.

As a Christian, it is important to belong to a church that aligns with your beliefs. Some of the things that can help you decide whether a church is right for you include their views on various issues such as same-sex marriage, acceptance of people that may be considered sinful to some Christian churches, and reproductive rights.

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