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Automatic, Manual, & Sequential Transmission Services

Many car manufacturers demand a transmission service as part of standard vehicle maintenance. The transmission service period used to be 30,000 miles, but now it is 100,000 miles, and in certain situations it is not required at all. With all of these changes, you may be wondering what to do with your car.

A/T Service

During this service, we generally empty the fluid, remove the service pan, and replace the filter on the valve body. This service should be performed at the manufacturer’s recommended mileage intervals, while some manufacturers recommend a lifetime fluid service. Regardless of the “lifetime” service claim, it is advisable to maintain servicing the transmission if it has a history of frequent maintenance. If there is no record of transmission service and the vehicle has less than 60k miles, it is normally safe to start maintaining the transmission. If doubtful and the car has above 60k miles, don’t service the gearbox unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, like with some CVT and Sequential transmissions discussed below.


A CVT transmission is considerably different from a regular automatic gearbox, albeit they do share certain servicing needs. CVT vehicles need specific fluid and occasionally a filter replacement. A CVT’s intervals are usually longer than an automatic.

Transmitters in a Row (SMG, DSG, etc)

Not to be confused with previous “Tiptronic or Steptronic” transmissions, these newer automatic gearboxes may be operated in both manual and automatic modes. Many older manufacturers offered manual shift capability through paddles or the shifter itself. The Sequential Gearbox takes it a step further. Although each manufacturer’s design differs, the underlying principle is typically the same. This gearbox has clutches within, exactly like a manual transmission, and is controlled by a control module using hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic motors. With a manual mode, the control module may replicate an automatic transmission program, allowing the driver to focus on driving. Although these gearboxes feature manual transmission-like clutches, they seldom include a clutch pedal. The computer system simulates the clutch pedal movement. Fluid and/or maintenance intervals for these transmissions vary depending on the manufacturer. Ask us to check for any software upgrades or modifications to ensure your transmission is working properly. These improvements may double the life of a transmission.

Manual Transaxles (5-speed, 6-speed etc.)

Many people forget that manual transmissions include gear lubricant fluid. While this fluid may last longer than an automatic, it should be replaced often. 30k mile typical manual transmission servicing interval. Call us to find out whether your manual transmission needs service. We provide Redline goods and upgrades to manual gearbox servicing.

Fluctuates Transmission

Transmission flushes are not recommended for European automobiles. Most manufacturers merely suggest changing fluid and filters. A flush machine might seriously harm the transmission seals. Even though a standard transmission service and filter replacement does not remove all old fluid from the system and does not provide the same level of protection, we must agree with the manufacturers. Some European automobiles enable you to drain the gearbox pan as well as the torque converter, removing more fluid than a standard pan service. European automobiles have larger fluid pans than Asian and domestic vehicles, which means longer service life, yet certain manufacturer service intervals are still excessively lengthy.

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