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Water Well Drilling Methods

Water wells are important for their safe, clean and reliable water supply. Water is of much importance since every single aspect or major activities require it. Therefore we cannot live or do without it. Due to such a reason, there has been introduction and advancement in well drilling technology to effectively facilitate such drilling in almost all areas. This helps reduce water shortage and promote overall economic growth. The various drilling methods are chosen depending on their suitability, practicality and costs. Also the size of the well that either an individual or group needs, helps in making the selection of the right water well drilling method. When it comes to choosing water well drilling equipment, it’s crucial to consider long-term and short tern costs plus matching the method with geology. It’s necessary to go through the pros and cons of drilling methods to help go for the best operation for one’s operation.

Manual techniques are one of the water well drilling method. Hand digging forms the oldest and highly used manual method that helps individuals to access the ground. It’s such a simple way of individuals being in deep muddy hole while removing the dirt with many buckets. It’s such a dirty work involving hard work with only simple tools used. Three are many people and communities that prefer this method due to such reasons plus it’s highly effective. Some its pros include quick completion with large crews, local accessible tools and reach depths depending on the method or geology. This method is however inefficient for multiple well drilling and it’s impossible to drill through rocks.

Next are the mechanical methods. It’s an effective method using gears, motors and fuels that penetrates through the rocks and tough solids to drill wells. It’s such a faster and deep drilling method than the manual one making them highly ideal for contractors in search of efficient and easier use tool. This method is cist saving for multiple well drilling since with single well drilling it’s not cost-efficient. There are other mechanical drilling methods that one can choose from depending on one’s preference.

Jetting is such a method involving using a pump that forces the water down through drill pipe with jet formation that loosens the available sediment. The water that is outside the drill pipe then moves the cuttings to the surface and dumping them to a settling pit. There are only ton people required with such an operation and pump and pipe making the only tools. This method is however best suited for soft and fine-grained sediments making it not appropriate for hard sediment use.

Cable tool is such a mechanized drilling method involving the use of a heavy drill bit to raise and drop down the cable to the borehole. There is the manual cuttings removal requiring bailer use for suspending them. It’s an effective less fuel use with the larger units best fit for drilling multiple feet deep. It’s however a slowest mechanical method with sometimes extra equipment uses. Also this method may be a hit risky due to the hole collapsing while working in loose sediments. It’s therefore upon an individual to choose the best one.

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